No: 89, 19 May 2024, Regarding the Various Activities and Statements Made on 19 May 2024 in Greece

Republic Of Türkiye Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 19.05.2024

The Pontic allegations put forward by far-right groups in Greece with populist rhetoric in 1994, 75 years after 19 May 1919, which we recognize as the launch of our War of Independence, are unfounded.

“Pontus” is a term of antiquity. Pontic activities which emerged in the late 19th century are an extension of Greece's "Megali Idea" plan. This issue is essentially the exploitation of a historical process that resulted in the exchange of the Turkish and Greek populations, by relating it with baseless allegations.

These allegations are aimed at damaging Turkish-Greek relations and putting the Greek politicians with common sense in a difficult situation.

Türkiye's bilateral relations with Greece have recently gained a positive momentum. We expect the Greek Government to take a clear stance against the efforts of some irresponsible politicians to prevent future generations from living in peace.


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